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Interested in being a debate judge? We’d love to have you. Here at MDUDL, we offer judge training in the mornings of each of our events so see our tournament calendar and click the link of which shift you’d like to sign up for.


Volunteer judges can click the link for either shift on the date of the tournament you can attend. Shift 1: 8:30am-1:00pm or Shift 2 1:30pm-5:00pm (if you're not available for full shifts please specify this for an accommodation). Once you've registered, more details will be confirmed. We truly appreciate you committing your time to help our debaters. You must pass a background check to judge. To register for the digital background check, follow the link here and submit the code: tg103t6 when prompted.

MDUDL Judge Reference Guide:  Use this guide to get acquainted with the speech times and elements of debate to get a headstart before the training.

  Here is a Debate Glossary produced by an alum, and their website the debate guru has tons of resources

Flowing is how we take notes in debate. Here is a guide produced by Chicago Debates on best practices for flowing. 


High School Flow Sheet

Middle School Flow Sheet

Open Evidence is a resource where you can see evidence published by other leagues and institutions on this year's and past years topics.

High School Evidence Packet

MS & Novice Evidence Packet

Sample Ballot


The Atlanta Urban Debate League has produced a demo debate on this year’s arms sales topic. Please note that these speech times are far shorter than in a normal debate, but this should help you get an idea for the feel of a debate. 










The Chicago Debate League shares a ton of curriculum resources for coaches and administrators here. 




We use a tournament software called Speechwire to host and tabulate our tournaments. As a coach, we ask that you create an account and using that account, you will be able to register your students and judges for the competitions.


Finding Your Voice: Policy Debate Manual

AUDL Policy Debate Manual 

How to Join the League


If you are a school administrator, interested in starting a debate team at your school, please contact Cydney Edwards, our Program Director to get started. Feel free to browse:


Sample Debate Tournament Schedule

Season Calendar 


Prospective schools